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A grown-up surf shack in Encinitas is the perfect undercover escape for this beach-bum-at-heart.

For nearly six years, Helena and Bill Wheeler lived in architectural denial.

For high-style babies, pastels and primaries are waning in favor of a neutral color palette.

Interior designer Jeff Andrews and his celebrity client stage a glam remodel.

It sounds like a fantasy: Interior designers such as Ann Getty, Kendall Wilkinson and Ken Fulk invite you to a tag sale, featuring huge markdowns on items from their stashes of one-of-a-kind samples and fantastic accessories purchased for the celebrity client who just can’t commit.

A couple of my favorite design-based happenings hit town this week. Both feature art and involve two things I'm crazy about: flowers and fine homes.

When architect Jennifer Weiss spotted a Plexiglass bin that was overflowing with keys, papers and cellphones on her clients' kitchen countertop, she knew instantly she could make their lives better.

The San Francisco Decorator Showcase House, opening on May 1, can inspire in designers what I once heard famed restaurant owner Pat Kuleto call "ass against the wall cooking."

Designer Molly Luetkemeyer can escape to her favorite destinations around the world by staying right at home.

Classic garden style gets a modern update by Andrea Cochran.